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Finding Connectivism in our Daily Lives...

Connectivism was introduced as a theory of learning based on the premise that knowledge exists in the world rather than in the head of an individual. Connectivism proposes a perspective similar to the Activity theory of Vygotsky as it regards knowledge to exist within systems which are accessed through people participating in activities. It also bears some similarity with the Social Learning Theory of Bandura that proposes that people learn through contact. The add-on "a learning theory for the digital age", that appears on Siemens paper [1] indicates the special importance that is given to the effect technology has on how people live, how they communicate, and how they learn. (Wikipedia, 2011).

Feel free to comment and add any way that you use connectivism in your daily life. Here are some examples my husband and I came up with when we were talking:

1. Finding inspiration for new things to bake through blogs and pinterest.

2. My husband is currently learning Spanish through a site called livemocha.com. He actually woke me up this morning saying, "I'm doing connectivism, right?" He uploads himself speaking certain paragraphs in Spanish and native speakers actually 'grade' his work and give him feedback!

3. Using pinterest and blogs to learn more about teaching and learning strategies.

4. Sharing pictures of projects we do at home and getting input from others.
What are some interesting ways you "do" connectivism?

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