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So in my class that I'm currently taking we are talking about "connectivism" this week. At first I had absolutely no clue what this was, until I watched a YouTube video and read a few articles that laid it out so clearly! I realized that we utilize this theory every day in our lives on the internet, as well as in person when we are at work. I "do" connectivism in the passing periods between classrooms with my fellow educators, and at home when I'm surfing through pinterest for ideas to use in my classroom. I frequently comment on posts from fellow educators on Twitter that I know personally, and connect with new people through hashtags and topics. I realized that having this network of people to learn from and share ideas with has made my career so much more effective! I can't honestly imagine working in a time period where I couldn't Google search "interactive notebooks" and come up with 100 results with blogs and pictures and articles to sift through. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, but I've found that fine tuning my searches allows me to find I what I need much more quickly.

This impacts my classroom because not only am I finding new ways to present information to my students, they are teaching me about new methods that I haven't even heard of! For example, a meme? Yeah, that was new. My classroom is so much more diverse because students have new options for presenting their knowledge to each other and to me. I am so excited for the new and exciting ways I can use this technology in my classroom (as soon as we can get computers for every classroom)!

I'm also really excited to use this technology to help students connect to each other. I was asked to use Inspiration this week to make connections in a graphic organizer to other students in my class. Although a bit difficult at times to find a connection, I already have three or four other students tagged that I have quite a bit in common with. I never would have taken the time to think about these connections if I wasn't asked to do this assignment.


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